Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tenryu river

After getting back from my second Taiko performance this morning I realised I looked not unlike a big hairy dog, so headed out to get my mane cut. It was (is) a beautiful day here in the Shimoina area and I decided to take a few pics of one of my favourite places here on the way back from the hairdressers. Oddly, it's a big metal bridge coated in peeling orange paint - hardly the most picturesque feature in this area. I like it because every time I drive across it (which is often, as it connects my village to the city) I can look north and south along the river, and regardless of weather it is always really beautiful. The sun was shining, the wind was crisp, and the faint smell of woodsmoke was on the air. It was a nice moment.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Got your letter today! I've passed it around the rest of the SU.. They are all so pleased you have settle in well!
    I've been following your blog regularly, normally signing in to read while I eat my lunch, it is always a pleasure to read, you never fail to make me smile or laugh out loud.. except with the giant moths.. I hate moths! You should seriously consider writing as a sideline career to your teaching! Des sets off on his travels today, his blog will be on and his username is desandem if you want to take a look! Take Care!


  2. Thanks Kelly! Glad you're enjoying the blog, that's what it's there for! Thanks for passing the letter around too. I'm home for christmas, so if I get a chance to come and say hi I will, but I won't bring you any sweets like last time! ;)

  3. All very beautiful, but you are missing the British Autumn, which is pretty too :) Hopefully there will be some left for when you come back for Xmas. Let us know when you coming back, and I could finally properly meet you (if you are planning to see the guys from the band - that is if you didn't forget about them yet after that wonderful life you're living, lol)

  4. Heh, they're my best friends, of course I'm seeing them and of course I wouldn't forget them. Would be great to finally meet you too! :)