Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Flight home

Ahhh, so finally, after a long journey and two days of catching up on sleep, I sit in my nice warm bedroom at my parents house, contemplating the first five amazing months of a fantastic experience. The travel home was long, but was always going to be worth it to see family and friends! I managed to stay a couple of days with my good friend Dan and his gf between Nagano and my departure from Narita airport. Thanks dude, it was great to see you!

The flight home was, as a lover of great scenary and the sky, brilliant. I got some great shots of Russia and Scandanavia with my new cam, pics I wouldn't have with my point-n-shoot. It was very unexpected to find the UK gripped in snow, a white christmas is most definitely welcome! On the plane I surprised myself by helping out a Japanese girl with her landing card details and having a basic conversation with her, all in (if not broken) Japanese. Yay for mah skillz. Or something like that.

Anyone alive down there?

Endless beauty.


You know you're home when you see your clouds...

Kent as I've never seen it before.

A beautiful sunset to welcome me back.

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