Monday, 5 July 2010

New lodger

A few weeks ago I came home to discover splashes of mud on my front door and leaves and twig all over the porch. Ever the sleuth, I looked up to discover the beginnings of a nest being built on my front door frame. I was curious but cautious, after all, the nest could have been a hive too. I decided very firmly to keep my eye on it.

A few weeks later I am delighted to discover the now-finished nest belongs to a lovely little swallow(s). Since the nest first appeared I'd been finding bird poop on my car and seeing a pair of little black birds shooting around the house, so am rather chuffed to find they have chosen to lodge with me.

Some nights ago I came home from Karate to find a black head poking over the nest, staring at me as I unlocked the front door. Owing to his nice reddish-orange facial markings I've named him Redbeard.

Redbeard in his nest

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  1. Once a bird also made a next on my window in Brazil on the third floor! We put a shoebox lid to help stopping the leaves falling down and the babies all grew up to be healthy and flew away after a few weeks ;) Good luck with your lodger :)