Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Today's graduation.

This year I am very sad to be saying goodbye to my third year students, who have been my favourite students since my arrival at the school. I started teaching them not long after they became second years, and we've had many laughs and good moments in class.

The school is also going to be saying goodbye to seven teachers this year. I was rather unhappy to find the art teacher is leaving. I've been in many of her classes, and we've shared many an interesting conversation about art and photography. I've discovered that she is going to Ben's school, where she was working before she came to mine. Darnit!

Yesterday's practice.

Anyway, yesterday was the thirds years practice graduation. That is, they line up, accept certificates etc etc, just to make sure everything will run as planned for the real thing the day after. They only get to do it once, after all, and the Japanese insist on everything running smoothly.

Today's graduation was a bit teary for many students and some staff. Saying goodbye to good students and good teachers every March seems a bit heavy for everyone in the school. Me included.

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  1. Well nothing stops you keeping in touch with them, even more nowadays with emails, facebook, etc? :)