Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Preparation, preparation, preparation

That's all I'm doing at the moment, aside from meeting up with friends and spending time with family. For someone who isn't a shopaholic (or indeed, that good at shopping) I think I've done a solid job so far of purchasing essentials for Japan. However, despite being quite selective with what to take I seem to have spent a considerably large amount of money in a short time... where the heck is it all going?!

I've also just sorted one-way travel insurance and am now starting to attempt the various shipping forms and papers for my extra, unattended winter baggage. I'm ocean shipping with Yamato Transport who offer a good Japan-bound rate for JET ALT's. I've never heard of them before but they are obviously Japanese... I like that.

Next on the agenda: my introductory speech. I'll post it here when I've finished it.

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