Thursday, 11 February 2010

Block meeting and soba making

Last Friday we had our block meeting in Toyooka. To say the kids at our block leaders school were excited to see so many foreigners - a) in one place, b) in their school - would be an understatement. We did some introduction activities, the kids got to know us a little, and we did some little presentations to the rest of the class. Nice and easy.

We then headed south for a quick dip in the onsen at Shimojo, then off to a soba-making place to try our hand at the Japanese method of, well, making soba. We started with a doughball each of preprepared soba dough...

A fine day for soba making

The dough is pounded gently and then rolled into a big square

A wooden guide and knife is used to thinly cut the dough

The finished product

No, this wasn't mine. If only...

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