Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spring is on the way! ほんとだよ!

Well, that may be slightly premature, but the past few days have been absolutely glorious. Yesterday my day was full with lessons, but today isn't, so earlier I decided to take full advantage of the Vitamin D streaming down into my village. Armed with a sketchpad, magazine and Japanese studying materials, I headed out of school, across the field to the far side, rooted myself on a wooden bench, and soaked myself happy in the wonderful weather. Actually, at time of writing this I have another free period to go, so I shall be heading out there again soon to prepare my elementary lessons for tomorrow. I may even take a doughnut or two with me. Just wonderful.

Apparently we have some more cold weather to come (and some rain), I just hope it doesn't get too cold again before it gets warm.

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