Monday, 1 February 2010

Snow, spontaneous and glorious

One thing that amazes me about Japan is the weather. It changes so incredibly quickly.

Take today for example. A cold day, but nothing unbearable. Around lunchtime I looked out the nearest window to see it had started snowing, quite thickly, but nothing special. Literally five minutes later I looked out the window and everything was completely and utterly white.

From the office window

By the time I left work a couple of hours later the snow depth was around 15cm, covering my car, and making the drive home (up a mountain) somewhat treacherous. Indeed it was my first time driving in snow, and as the car fishtailed up the mountain I wondered what would happen if I lost traction and slid the entire way down. I pushed that thought firmly aside and concentrated on edging my car up the mountain.

Good luck me!

Finally and painstakingly, I managed to get back to my house (after almost sliding into it!) and park. I scuttled inside and felt somewhat smug that I'd managed to get home, at which point I realised the drive down the mountain tomorrow may well undo that feeling of accomplishment.

Driving home

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