Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bug City

So now Japan is starting to heat up, and it wouldn't be summer without bugs. Nowhere does giant, mutated bugs like Japan, it would seem. Although I've never really had a problem with insects in the UK, I'm starting to develop an aversion to the Japanese ones, which not only look like they could hurt, but also look like they could steal your wallet and car keys while they're at it.

Today I came home to find two big black "bee-like" things circling my front room. Thankfully the doors to it were shut, trapping them in (finding one of those on my pillow wouldn't be the best way to get to sleep at night). I managed to trap them one after the other and propel them from the window. I then double checked all small gaps in the wooden roof panelling, poking pushpins into the gaps in the hope that's where they came from.

Later in the evening I was startled by a third "bee", which seemed to materialise out of nowhere. Again, I have no problem with European bees, but these things are big and noisy! The little git refused to be caught, so I reluctantly splatted the thing with a chunk of cardboard.

I'm now going to bed in the hope that the push pins are in the right place!

*Update* Turns out the "bees"(actually just flies) are called "toilet bees" here, because they are usually found in toilets. That's just lovely. Does that mean my front room smells like a lavatory?! They are harmless though, thankfully (but that won't stop me smashing the blighters if they come back!).

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