Monday, 21 June 2010

Canyoning ( take 1 )

Yesterday we got up at stupid o' clock to get to Gunma-ken for bungee jumping and canyoning. While Marion and Bryce threw themselves to their doom from the only bridge-bungee place in Japan, Ben, Kasumi and I looked on with a mixture of doubt, amusement and horror.

After that we drove to the canyoning place where we were given a safety talk and struggled into our three-layer wetsuit, plus socks, boots and helmet. We were out in the water for just 20 minutes before a thundercloud arrived, the heavens opened, and mother nature put an end to our fun, damn her leafy backside.

We managed to get some video and some pics, which I'll post here soon, but we're going to reschedule another trip to get the full experience, hopefully within a few weeks. Expect a more thrilling account of canyoning in weeks to come...

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