Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fly away, little birdies!

Well, I managed to enjoy the company of Redbeard and his new clan for around week after I got back to Japan. Sadly though, they have all departed, their nest of dried mud and twigs now sits empty above my front door. Recently I have watched them all go crazy whenever I came home (I doubt they were happy to see me, more disturbed by me being so close to the nest), or from a night out, but now, after a week of remaining vigilant, I'm certain they have headed back west towards Thailand or Cambodia, wherever Redbeard came from originally. I will miss their excited chatter whenever I leave my house in the morning, but I have to say I won't miss the growing mound of poop they left on my doorstep. Which reminds me, I really should clear that up...

1 comment:

  1. Count yourself lucky they chose your place to nest anyway, doesn't happen to everyone ;)