Monday, 17 January 2011

Climate bubbles & more cake!

On Saturday it snowed. Quite a lot. But not in my village. Not a flake. I crossed Ajimabashi to Iida and everything was white, as though an invisible barrier over the Tenryu river was stopping the snow in it's path. A climate bubble, no less.

The view from Maruyama park. Note the abundance of snow in the foreground and absence of it in the background.

On Sunday it was still snowing (across the river) so I wrapped up warm and headed out to one of my favourite parks in the area, Maruyama 丸山 in Takamori 高森, stopping on the way to buy a really cozy wool hat! I'm wild like that. I sat in the park watching families strap their cute toddlers to sleds and fire them down the hill before pulling out a book and taking some time to avoid this reality for a while. When the chill wind became a bit too bitey for my taste I retreated to the little cafe at the top of the park, where I sat and warmed myself by the stove as I scoffed cake and a Guatemalan coffee. And had another read, of course.

The taste of Guatemala! And other places too!

Fruity bridges In Takamori...

Apples design on bridge

Pear design on bridge

Persimmons design on bridge

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