Saturday, 15 January 2011


In November I made a conscious effort to try and cook something distinctively Japanese at home. I love my ma's homemade stew so opted for the Japanese Nikujaga 肉じゃが (lit. "meat and potatoes"). Although a really easy meal to make, I was surprised that I managed to make it almost perfectly the first time around. Since then I've made it several times in a big pot, enough to last me several days at a time. For anyone who is interested in making it I've added the recipe below. Quantity depends on servings, but the amounts below should give 3-4 modest portions:

Big pack of thin, sliced pork
3-4 large potatoes
3 med-large carrots
2 large onions
1-2 Sachets of Dashi stock (either seaweed or fish-based, although I use the fish)
Soy sauce (1/4 cup)
Mirin (1/8 cup or more as desired)
Sugar (optional, as the Mirin is 40-50% sugar anyway. I don't add extra sugar)
Konyaku noodles (optional, but I don't use them. If you do, add them last)
Pepper/other spices (optional)

Boil the pork briefly on high heat first to get rid of any excess fat. Get rid of the water and add pork to pot. Add potatoes (peeled and cut into chunks), carrots (sliced), onion (again, large chunks) and some water. Bear in mind the veg will cook in their own juices. Add dashi, soy and mirin, stirring all the time. If the stew needs more water add some. I usually add some pepper or other spices. Cooking time should take 40-60 mins from the beginning, so a reasonably quick meal and delicious too!


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  2. looks delicious :) We may give it a go one day!