Saturday, 15 January 2011

Winter at my door

After a really enjoyable Christmas at home I travelled back in my little village in the mountains last Saturday. Suffice to say it's rather cold here. People back home moan that the UK is cold, but if they had to get up in the morning and make their porridge in a kitchen that was -4C they'd soon change their tune. That or wake in the night to -7C.

When I got back last week I was rather bemused to find my toilet, shower and taps had all frozen, despite me turning the water off before I went back to the UK. Thankfully all is ok now except my washing machine, the pipe of which now leaks unless I turn it off after using it. Doh!

After several nights of waking up in the depths of the night shivering I cursed myself when it took a member of my eikaiwa on Tuesday to remind me I had a heater built into my aircon unit. After that little discovery I have now been sleeping rather well. Sod the electricity bill, I want my warm blood warm!

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