Saturday, 15 January 2011

X-Files greenhouses

Good grief I've been slack with the blogging! Things happened in December, really, I was just too preoccupied with heading home for Christmas to think about recording them. Ok, let's rack the memory a little. Photos will help.

Winter came in hard like a hammer towards the end of last year. The summer was hot and long and cold nights didn't start creeping in until the beginning of December. Autumn was short and sweet, unlike 2009. And even after that the majority of the days leading up to Christmas were bright and the sun warm.

The pic below is one in a row of greenhouses that I pass on my drive into the city. At night I drive back along this road (usually from the Karate dojo) and the greenhouses are lit up eerily, like something out of Mulder's dreams. Presumably the veggies inside are being given extra light/heat now that summer has faded. For ages I'd been telling myself I was going to get a picture or two, then one night I remembered my camera and stopped. This part of the village is rather isolated (like most of it, really) and no one was around. As I pulled over my headlights reflected in the eyes of tanuki (raccoon dog) as it foraged beside the road. I was half expecting to find it in the car when I got back in after taking the pic.

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