Thursday, 3 September 2009


Although this blog is supposed to be about my own experiences I've decided to introduce some additional Japanese culture as and when the mood takes me.

In a free period at school today I happened across a Japanese legend known as Bakeneko, a supposedly ghost-like cat with supernatural powers. A cat could become a Bakeneko if it lived past 13 years of age, grew to a certain weight (8lbs), was allowed to keep a long tail, or it's owner died. A Bareneko would then haunt the household it was kept in.

A Bareneko could walk on two legs or shapeshift into human form to ensnare new prey (it could eat anything larger or smaller than itself). Afterwards it would assume the form of it's prey to entice new victims.

The Bareneko even had the power to enter it's owners'/former owners' dreams. Creepy!

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