Monday, 14 September 2009

A stomp around Yasuoka

Yesterday Dan, Emma, Marion and me went for a stomp around Dan and Emma's village. The sun was hot, the views impressive. And we ended the evening in Anan onsen. Bliss!

A railway station. In the middle of a dense forest.

Giant, hand-sized moth.

View through the trees to the Tenryu river.

Magical Kingdom this way.

The old ones.

Bamboo forest. Each was about 6-8 inches in diameter.

The Tenryu from a nice bridge.


...and fauna.

Ina field.

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  1. Well the desne forest railway kinda proves there should be no excuse about building it anywhere isn't it? And the moth is less scary than I thought, they are beautiful, like butterflies! Do they make the bad bzzzz, tuc tuc sound the tiny ones do here? That's what annoys me!! The trees were absolutely breathtaking! :)