Monday, 21 September 2009

Taiko show and performance


Today it was my turn to Taiko! We performed three songs, all of which went really well. I managed to get through the first two without missing a beat (first time ever, and it was live!) but missed a beat on the third. Ah well, I've only been doing it a few weeks. Here are some pics.


Tools of the trade.


Last night I went to watch my Taiko sensei perform with his group at a theatre in Iida. I took a recording of it with the mic function on my camera but it was evidently a lot louder than I remember, as the recording is mainly fuzz. Such is life. Enjoy some pics instead.

Beat that!

Print on the stage curtain. I think it said かさこし姫となかまたち (Princess Kasakoshi and Nakamatachi). I've no idea who they are.

My sensei Art Lee gets to work!

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