Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Rice harvesting

On Sunday the Iida crew headed south to Anan to harvest Ine (rice) at one of Kasumi's father's fields. The weather was fantastic, the views amazing, the rice harvesting not as easy as it may look, but still a lot of fun. We were all given hand scythes and set about lopping the rice, binding them into bunches, and bundling them into the wagon. Our reward (probably undeserved!) was a massive and amazing homemade feast! Heaven!

A quick drinky before we start.

I never pass up the opportunity to look ridiculous.

Don't disturb the locals.

Our rice drying on racks in the sun.

Our reward: an amazing homemade feast.

There be chickens on the farm, doncha know!

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  1. Gosh thats like straight out of Bug's life! Frigthening :)